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C.A.P.S. has been a turnkey provider for several years. Our offices are located in the heart of the midwest, Northern Indiana, not far from the Chicagoland area. This location allows us to reap the benefits of a large working-class population when it comes to placing qualified tenants in our properties. This large rental demand also enables us to see higher rents than other parts of the state, often achieving a rent to value ratio of 1:1 or higher for the investor.

Our turnkey process begins with acquiring the right property. We focus on single family homes in middle-class “B” and “C” neighborhoods. Houses typically range from 1,000-2,000 square feet and consist of 2-4 bedrooms, and 1-2.5 baths. Each home is fully rehabbed and typically includes new flooring, interior paint, and updated kitchen and baths as needed. Any mechanicals showing potential to expire in 3 years are replaced. Overall quality of rehabs can be described as between retail level and rental quality. Once rehab is complete, we market the property for a tenant and typically tenant placement happens very quickly due to our high rental demand. The property is offered to investors and we provide the management services.


How We'll Help With Your
Property Management Needs

Purpose: TurnKey properties are sold for the purpose of providing investors an easy way to create passive income.

Our Inventory: We generally have consistently strong deal flow even though our turnkey properties do not last very long. You can contact us at or call at 219-629-9231 and ask to be put on our investor list in order to have access to our inventory.

Lenders: Our properties can be bought with cash or conventional financing. If you plan on using financing, we can provide you a list of recommended lenders.

Pre-Approval: You should plan to get pre-approved and qualified by the lender prior to moving forward on an investment property.

Funds Required: Our turnkey homes generally sell in the $100k-$150k range. Using conventional financing, you should be prepared for a 20% down payment.


Visiting CAPS: If possible, take the time to visit us for a day and learn about our turnkey program in detail. Meet with the staff and tour some of our areas and properties.


Why buy in NW Indiana?

Our management company


The financial success of the property will rise or fall based upon the ongoing management. We have been in the property management business for 18 years. We have a great team and proven processes.

Our rehab process


We focus on making the property mechanically sound, tenant proof, and cosmetically appealing.

The Northwest Indiana Area. Check out this website: for more information.

  • Low property taxes. Capped at 2% for residential rentals.

  • Close proximity to Chicago, IL but conservative values of Indiana.

  • More house for your buck. US News places Indiana at #3 in Housing Affordability and #2 in Overall Affordability.

  • Less Commute Time. It’s actually easier to commute to Chicago from NW Indiana than it is to commute from the suburbs.

  • Lower State Income Tax.

  • Great school systems.

  • Several top universities nearby.

  • Access to Green Spaces. NW Indiana offers 25 miles of beaches, one national park and one state park.

  • Accessibility to healthcare.

  • Lower cost of living. Indiana’s cost of living is the 5th lowest in the US at 9% below the national average.

  • According to Forbes, Indiana is in the Top 10 Best States to Do Business and holds a AAA rating from Moody’s on its general obligation debt. Quality of life (ranked #4) and business costs were also contributing factors to Forbes’ ranking.

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