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Answers to Frequently Asked Investor/Property Owner Questions

  • How quickly will you be able to get my property rented?
    We spend time ensuring your property is ready for the rental market and attractive to potential tenants. The amount of time it’s on the market depends on competition, time of year, and the condition and price of your home. We will ensure it rents as quickly as possible to protect your rental income.
  • How do you price my property?
    We do an exhaustive analysis of comparable properties in the market and price your home accordingly. The goal is to earn you the most rent possible while minimizing your vacancy rate and ensuring we place the most qualified tenants.
  • What makes you different from other Property Management Companies?
    We believe we provide better communication and care for our customers. Working with us brings you a depth of knowledge that’s hard to find elsewhere.
  • What if my tenant doesn’t pay?
    Our strict tenant screening process greatly reduces the likelihood that your tenants won’t pay rent on time. However, bad things happen to even the best people, so if a tenant can no longer pay rent, we will begin the eviction process and place a tenant who can pay rent.
  • What CAPS’ management fee?
    The fee is 10%.
  • What is CAPS’ rehab philosophy?
    We focus on making the property mechanically sound, tenant proof, and cosmetically appealing.
  • Why buy in Northwest Indiana?
    Please visit ‘About’ page.
  • What does the term “Turnkey” mean?
    “Turnkey” means that CAPS will acquire the property, rehab it, place a tenant, and manage it for the investor.
  • If I purchase a turnkey property, what monthly expenses should I plan for?
    The monthly expenses would be the mortgage payment, 10% management fee, property insurance, property taxes, deferred maintenance and vacancy (generally 5-10% of the monthly rent).
  • What is an expected rate of return on my investment?
    As with most investments, there are many variables and no guarantees. We feel that a monthly cash flow of over $300 and rate of return of approximately 15% is generally achievable.




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