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Apply: An application can be filled out online under the property listing or at the office. The fee is $50 per financially responsible person.

Needed Documents: After filling out the application, CAPS will need proof of income which can be one of the following: a copy of one latest paystub, three month’s worth of bank statements, letter from employer, tax forms, etc. per applicant and CAPS will need a copy of ID per applicant.

Age: Applicants must be of legal age, 18 years or older.

Showings: Applicants must see the inside of the property they applied for before scheduling a lease signing.

Financial Responsibility: Net monthly income must equal or exceed 3 times the rent amount of the property.

Background Check: $50 fee is for a soft inquiry of the Credit Report, Eviction Report, Criminal Report, and Social Security Verification.

Credit Report: Credit score must be 500 or above and monthly debt payments may not exceed 36% of net monthly income.

Eviction Report: No record of evictions and/or eviction filings may be within the past five years.

Criminal Report: An applicant must have minimum criminal history.

Employment: Employment and income resources must be verifiable.

Vehicles: All vehicles on the property must have valid plates and be operable.

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